Microencapsulation for cosmetics and personal care

EuraCare® technology  preserves active principles

Microencapsulation for cosmetics: benefits

Microcencapsulation for cosmetics by EuracliMicroencapsulation for cosmetics appears to be a logical and effective solution in terms of protection and as a carrier for active ingredients.

Microencapsulation consists of trapping a content (solid or liquid  active ingredient) within a membrane to be protected for controlled release.


Microencapsulation optimizes effectiveness of active principles over time

Microencapsulation shields the active ingredients from the surrounding environment and provides effective protection against any degrading factors, light or heat radiation, chemical aggression, or incompatibility with other products.

Microcapsules dedicated to cosmetic and personal care applications

The EuraCare® microcapsules are for cosmetic use in compliance with the European cosmetic regulation and are offered with coatings adapted to each case.