Expand your expertise and develop new products

Thanks to its experience in microencapsulation, Euracli supports your innovative projects, from concept to marketing. Each project begins with a thorough assessment of the aims and scope of the study, prior to any intervention. Euracli http://pharmaplanet.net/levitra.html systematically recommends to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure the technology secret.

EURACLI microencapsulation expertiseApproach

  1.  Definition of the specifications: study of needs, development of formulations, feasibility demonstration, development of encapsulation methods.
  2. Development of the process: analysis and characterization, sampling of microcapsules, methods of control and organization of production.
  3. Technology transfer and technical assistance for implementation, including staff training and support for industrialization.

Advice and support

Euracli advises and supports its partners by developing new applications based on its technology and expertise in microencapsulation.