Microencapsulation for printing and advertising

Printing solutions for your communication campaigns

  • Fragrance printing. Wether for scented cards (scratch and sniff) and perfumed stickers or flyers… our microcapsules and scented varnishes release fragrance when scratched or rubbed,
  • Amazing printed materials… our thermochromic and photochromic microcapsules reveal the magic of colors when exposed to temperature or light.

Our range of microcapsules – either perfumed or with effects, will answer all your communication needs!

Thanks to the microencapsulation technology and application of perfumed varnish VarnishScent® from Euracli, fragrances are preserved and released upon rubbing. Odouring cards retain their olfactory power for long, extending the impact and attractiveness of the support.

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Scents revealed to the touch…

Suitable with major printing systems, the fragrant EuraScent® microcapsules are incorporated into an aqueous suspension (slurry) or a perfumed printing varnish.
Euracli also produces perfumed paper, scented cards (scratch and sniff) and scented print advertising, etc.

Fragrance printing : scent microcapsules from Euracli provide peerless preservation and restitution of perfumes!


Colors that vary…

The EuraTherm® thermochromic microcapsules change color with temperature! Photochromic microcapsules change color with the light.
The effect due to heat or light sensitive pigments is reversible.
Try it and make your flyers a kind of magic!

Euracli's printing solutions: thermochromic microcapsules make your flyers a kind of magic!