Performance of microcapsules on fabrics


EuraTex® microcapsules for functionalized textilesMicroencapsulated fabrics by Euracli

At the forefront of textile innovation, Euracli produces microcapsules providing dedicated features.

These microcapsules deposited on the fibers can bring specific properties such as insect-repellent or mosquito-repellent, antibacterial or anti-odor – on fabrics, clothing and sports http://www.francemedicale.net/viagra/ equipment, linen, medical items.

Smart textiles, derma-textile, cosmetic textiles…

Functionalization imparts new properties or enhances the natural properties of the fabric, improves comfort, isolates and protects.

Benefits of microencapsulation for fabrics

  • EuraTex® microcapsules can deliver soothing, refreshing, hydrating, slimming, or toning active ingredients as needed.
  • Discover our range of  thermochromic inks for clothing, which change color gradually in response to fluctuations in temperature.

For the developement of any new product, Euracli takes care of the process from lab-scale study to microcapsule production and validation of the finished product. Euracli also provides assistance to its customers.