EuraTherm® heat-sensitive technology

With our thermochromic microcapsules play on colors and effects!Thermochromic microcapsules - thermochromic inks from Euracli

Find out about our range of thermochromic microcapsules and pigments for textile applications!

Euratherm® thermochromic pigments change color gradually depending on the temperature, reversibly. When heated, the color disappears, only to reappear during cooling.

The temperature of color change ranges http://parmacieenligne.com between + 2 ° C and + 55 ° C. The temperature range can be changed and several colors are offered.

The microcapsules containing the thermochromic mix take the form of a powder or an aqueous (water-based) suspension. These microcapsules result from Euracli’s in-depth expertise in microencapsulation technology and processes.



With thermochromic microcapsules from Euracli : textiles that change colors!

Application areas

Textile, clothing and accessories reacting to heat or cold.


Natural or synthetic, silk, cotton, polyamide.








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