30 years of innovation in microencapsulation

Innovation on the move

  • Innovation-based corporate philosophy
  • R&D laboratory specialized in microencapsulation
  • Direct transfer of our innovations to our integrated production unit
  • Technicians trained to encapsulation methods

For over 30 years, Euracli is using its expertise to provide solutions tailored to the needs of its customers in any business sector (communication, textile, luxury, perfumes, cosmetics, energy, health, distribution, detergency, etc.).

Thank you for your cooperation and responsiveness to the perfume project on our newspaper. The simple and effective implementation enabled us to perfume 130,000 copies of our regional daily, this is an operation which I hope can be renewed.

David Terrage

Head of Production Maintenance Service, Nice Matin

Ollfactory communication – Scented  paper or  textiles…  Visit our gallery


1986 / 1987 Invention of thermosensitive liquid crystal labels for wine bottles under the trade name « La Sommelière® ». Fragrance printing (inks, scent cards and perfumed ribbons)
1989 Microencapsulation in cosmetics
1995 First scented fabric with the famous Hermès scarf
1998 First cosmetic textile with Dim stockings
2002 Development of smart textiles
2004 Launch of a line of thermochromic products
2005 Development of a line of cosmetic textiles with EuraTex® brand
2006 Creation of perfumed labels
2012 / 2013 Collaboration with a pharmacist
Compliance with the cosmetic European RegulationN°1223/2009
2014 Microcapsule formulations for detergency
2015 100% natural cosmetic microcapsules


Innovation on-demand

We work upon request:

  • For global brands and SMEs
  • For designers and project leaders
  • For brands wishing to expand their range and reach new markets
  • To create the event