Impact of microcapsules for printing applications

Many fields of  application

From fragrance sampling to promotional marketing, as well as for scent flyers or scented paper ads: Euracli’s microcapsules for printing adapt effectively to all your communication campaigns.


Based upon EURACLI’s know-how and technology, our perfumed or heat-sensitive microcapsules make have an impact in many applications! Discover a range of applications such as scent printing, fragrance sampling, advertising or security!

Check out our olfactory catalog to select the fragrance of your next campaign!


  • Advertising / Marketing: scented paper ads, odouring scratch and sniff cards, mailings, scented labels, brochures, odorous or thermosensitive flyers with messages that appear at temperature changes
  • Promotional campaigns / Retail: fragrance sampling, POS, packaging, couponing, branding, street marketing
  • Safety Awareness: smell cards for gas (THT, mercaptan), gasoline and others
  • Counterfeiting: revelation of a picture or text in certain conditions
  • Education: games, interactive quizzes
  • Events: product launch, demonstration in store, perfume the place of your event (seminar, show …)
  • Clothes, accessories: handkerchiefs, scented ribbons or tee-shirt reacting to heat or light


  • Paper, cardboard, plastics, ink, varnish,Microencapsulation de parfum - carte odorante
  • Fabrics: cotton, synthetic, silk




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