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Thermochromics photochromics microcapsules and scented printing solutionsEuracli scented print advertising.

Your print campaigns deserve the best! With its range of dedicated microcapsules and printing solutions, Euracli offers customized answers.

  • EuraScent®: fragrance microcapsules and perfumed varnishes for scent printing
  • EuraTherm®: thermochromics microcapsules for heat-sensitive printing

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Fragrance  printing:
EuraScent® fragrance microcapsules

When scratched or rubbed, the printed microcapsule zone emits fragrance with all of its subtle notes.


The microcapsules are printed inside a sealed flap. The perfume is released when the microcapsules are ruptured as the flap is opened.


The microcapsules are printed on a small surface. The perfume is released when the printed microcapsule medium is rubbed.


The microcapsules are contained in a matte or glossy acrylic or oil varnish.The perfume is released when the printed surface is rubbed.


The microcapsules in a powder are protected by 2 repositionable films, one of which can be printed on. The perfume is released by rubbing.

Thermochromics photochromics microcapsules

Heat-sensitive printing

Euratherm® thermochromic pigments change color depending on the temperature, reversibly.

When heated, the color disappears, only to reappear during cooling.

The capsules containing the thermochromic mix take the form of a powder or an aqueous (water-based) suspension. The temperature of color change ranges between 2 ° C and + 55 ° C. The temperature range can be changed and several colors are offered.

Check out the impact and multiples applications of our thermochromics microcapsules!

Thermochromic microcapsules by Euracli